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Dog License

If your dog does not meet all the necessary requirements, then you should know the county of Riverside is handing out fines up to $412 per dog.

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Leases vs Month-to-Month

Who does a lease benefit? Both parties are protected by a lease. The landlord and the tenant both reap the benefits of a written document that details explicitly the terms of the tenant’s residency. In the instance of a dispute, the lease can be used as a legal document. This prevents the argument from becoming a two-sided battle of he said, she said.

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Landlord Emergency Phone Calls

Many landlords are not prepared for the emergency phone calls that are bound to come in at all hours of the day and nights from tenants in a panic. You might find yourself answering such a call late at night on a Saturday, when a frantic tenant is on the other end of the line telling you that there is water pouring out of the walls, and the kitchen is flooding. Will you know what to do if you get that call?

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I pride myself in making myself easily reachable to my clients. If you do not hear back from me the same day, please try my cell at (951) 205-8874 -Stacey Drake

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